Welcome to PixInsights! This series of articles is a new kind of tutorial for PixInsight, a powerful program for performing full-pipeline processing of astrophotography, from the very first steps of pre-processing (calibration, registration, integration) through post-processing to putting on the finishing touches. PixInsights are tool- and feature-specific “tutorials”, but tutorials with a bent towards teaching a full understanding of the tool or feature, rather than providing a canned set of instructions on how to use them for a specific use case. These tutorials will not provide a start-to-finish workflow (PixFlows will provide those in the future). They will cover each tool and some features offered by PixInsight in detail, top to bottom, down into the depths, so that you can employ the knowledge you learn when processing any image, of any kind.

To get started, you can use the index below to find PixInsights for any tool you are interested in learning. Note that at the moment, these are still being created, and the index is small and tool coverage is limited. It will grow over time as I have time to learn and describe more tools in the detail required to write these articles.



Coming Soon!

Processing Tips

Effective Noise Reduction (Part 1 Part 2) (Part 3 In Progress)

Narrow Band Combinations with PixelMath – HOO

Narrow Band Combinations with PixelMath – SHO (In Progress)


AutomaticBackgroundExtraction (Pending)