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Rosette Nebula


  1. Alien Shores

    Nice work Jon … Very sharp, and you’ve captured the dark lanes really well which I’ve tried to do without much success. Wes

    • Jon Rista

      Thanks, Wes! Glad you like it. It is definitely a difficult challenge getting the right kind of exposures to bring out the detail. I had to expose for a very long time (I think at least five minutes per sub, maybe longer, at around 30 subs) to get enough signal strength in the nebula. I’m really starting to struggle now, with my 7D, to get good subs. I’ve thrown away probably a hundred or so over the last couple of weeks, as my images are very, very noisy now with the warmer nighttime temperatures. (I was lucky before, temperatures hovered around 0°C (+/- 3°) at night through feb. and most of march, which was basically like having a thermoelectrically cooled astro CCD imager…these days, my 7D sensor temps are around 20-24°C, which is far too hot…)

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