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  1. Judy

    The nebula is certainly well named. I think the image is wonderful and that it is rather amazing that you are able to achieve captures like this. Magical!

    • Jon Rista

      Thanks, Judy! I’m pretty amazed I can get images like this from my back yard. Light pollution is so bad these days, and just keeps getting worse, that I can only see a few hundred stars and cannot see the milky way at all from my yard. A special little filter (Astronomik CLS) is what’s made it all possible.

      I truly cannot wait to get a portable power generator, so I can head out to a dark sky site where you can REALLY see the stars, see the milky way, and see what I can get. There is so much fine, minute, filamentary detail in these nebula that I haven’t quite been able to capture yet. I also want to get wider field images, where you can see entire constellations and all the nebula that surround them.

      • Judy

        While the generator might scare away any critters; it won’t scare away the stars!! This is probably a good mix depending where you go that is away from light pollution.

        • Jon Rista

          I’m looking to find a “quiet” generator. Most are around 65dB, some are as loud as 70-75dB (very loud). I came across a couple that were 55dB, which is about as quiet as conversation. It’s expensive, though, $500. I can’t afford that right now, so maybe in the future.

      • Kamal

        thank u jon ,u helped me a lot , now i know , i v to start very very small & make a wise planning ahead . i loved the cosmos since i was a child , but became a doctor. i loooove your pictures & admire u also a lot .

        • Jon Rista

          I’m glad you like my work! Best of luck if you give it a try. Starting small is good, it’ll minimize the frustrations (it’s a complicated kind of photography), and hopefully give you a chance to learn the ropes and make some beautiful images. 🙂

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