Duck Lake @ City Park


I visited Duck Lake at City Park in Denver today. The Double-crested Cormorants apparently arrived in late February, and already have nests, so I went out to photograph them. There is a whole host of them there, at least 120 (probably more, I saw numerous tiny heads poking out of at least 30% of the nests). In addition to the Cormorants were around a dozen or so Northern Shovelers…a few females but mostly squabbling and fighting males, several American Coot, and of course hundreds of Canada Goose. There were also three other geese that looked like the eurasian Graylag Goose. According to Sibley Birds, the Graylag and Canada geese crossbreed, and I believe the three I saw were hybrids. Orange bill, orange feet, with light brown and tan with a white breast and white along the front of its neck. I’ll try to post some photos soon.