Nature Photography

Bird, wildlife, and landscape photography by Jon Rista


  1. Mike B

    You are an inspiration Mr Rista! Thank you
    For sharing. Ive been watching your work fir a year now.
    Hopefull my observatory will be finished in a few months. I can only dream of capturing images of your

    • Jon Rista

      Thanks, Mike! Great to hear your building an observatory. I would build one myself, if I had the room. All of the data for my recent images were acquired at a dark site 35-40 minutes away. The dark skies are AMAZING, the data is so clean. It’s been grueling dealing with the wind out the wind out there, though, so I may be changing up my gear a bit and moving to narrow band imaging soon here. Should let me get back to imaging from the back yard, and get better data than even the dark site was giving me. Soon! Anyway, keep me posted on your observatory. Would love to see some pics when it’s done.

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