New Site Theme, URL


Hello readers. In an effort to make my blog something professional I can point friends, family and other photographers to, I’ve updated the theme and am adding another URL. I’ve purchased the “Avid Theme for Photographers”, and upgraded to the basic package. The new theme is great, specifically geared towards photographers, and supports larger images as well as galleries. It will take me some time to update my existing blog posts to work best with it (my old photos were 900px wide at most, many only 588 pixels wide). All new blog posts, which will be mostly single photos and galleries, should look better. I will be adding some of the template pages, such as the gallery page, to this site as well. Navigation has changed a bit. The site defaults to the timeline view, akin to Facebook’s timeline mode. Eventually you should be able to view a site map for all of the standard WordPress navigation features

I have also associated my personal domain name with my blog. I purchased a few years ago, and have it for the decade (till 2021), but I had no site associated with it. As I don’t even really have much time to update this blog, I certainly don’t have time to create my own custom site. So, I’m making this my professional, personal presence on the web. You can get here by either going to the default wordpress domain,, or by using my personal domain,