Geminid Meteor Shower 2012

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On December 14th, 2012 the Geminid Meteor Shower reached its peak. I had seen meteor showers before, however I’d only observed them, never photographed them. This was my first shower to photograph, and the conditions were perfect. Usually there is a moon out, sometimes even a full moon, which can make photographing a meteor shower difficult. This year, we had a 1% new moon, so the skies were pitch black. I managed to get a few shots with good, bright meteors in them. The rate of hits was about 50 per hour or so in my zone, about one per minute, however in optimal zones they can reach upwards of 170 per hour, or several per minute!

I look forward to the next meteor shower I have a chance to photograph. There are obviously the Perseids, Orionids, and Leonids, however the Draconids, less known and periodic, are apparently quite a show, with as many as thousands per hour (dozen+ per second) when they show!