Cedar Waxwings

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A few days ago, I heard a bird I did not recognize. Smallish, slightly smaller than a Kingbird, yet catching the bugs out of the air right alongside several Eastern Kingbirds. After watching for a little while, one landed on a tree right next to me, and I realized it was probably a Cedar Waxwing. I was a little surprised, I thought that normally, these birds moved north for the summer as they preferred the cold, but there they were, maybe half a dozen, zipping about Cherry Creek. I’d never seen a Waxwing before, neither Bohemian nor Cedar, but I’d always wanted to. I was pretty happy for the opportunity. They are almost as elusive as Kingbirds, rarely perching for more than a few seconds before blasting off again for some aerial acrobatics and bug snatching. I did manage to capture an excellent shot of the one that landed right next to me while it observed the sky for its next morsel.