Young Bucks of Cherry Creek

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During the first part of June, Cherry Creek was awash with green. Deer and green grass go so well together. I think the sequence of the buck depicted in these photos is one of my favorite out of all of my wildlife photography so far. Particularly the first and third shots…I just love the depth of the scene and the beauty of Colorado…a beauty that barely lasts a month in Colorado most of the time. The last shot depicts a yearling buck and an older buck, still only a few years old, moving through the park together. I’ve noticed this theme all throughout the park…a yearling and an older buck, or a yearling and an elder. You can pick out the elders as they have a thin mane of graying fur around their necks, along with particularly complex 6 or 7 point antlers, something the younger bucks don’t have. I think it is very interesting to see nurturing in nature…not only by mothers with their young…but males with their young. I find that to be a wonderful thing.