Hard Drive Issues…Continued


This morning before work, I logged onto my computer to check the progress of my ongoing disk scan. Sometime during the night, it seems my hard drive stopped functioning completely. The scan stopped, the drive no longer appeared as a device attached to my system…and there was no sign of my files. Well, I had no time to deal with it then, so I headed to work. Since coming home, I’ve been hard at work dissecting my computer trying to find the problem. I think I finally found it. When I dissassembled my computer previously to fix the leak (which, as my endless luck would have it…my system has sprung ANOTHER leak…a veeery small, slow one, but a leak nonetheless…I think it may be time for a new part), I completely took everything apart. That included detatching the hard drives and pulling out the data cables. When I reassembled it, I used the same set of data cables…however I must have swapped the one that used to connect my BluRay drive to the motherboard with one from this hard drive. I rarely ever use my BluRay drive…every so often, I’ll burn something to disk, but that’s it. All my software installs are digital these days, downloaded from the internet. It seems that the cable that was attached to my BluRay was pretty much a dud (which would explain the short lifespan’s I’ve been encountering on some of my burnt media…I have high quality DVD’s and BluRay discs that are only a little older than a year, and they barely work anymore.)

Anyway, swapping out the Serial ATA data cable for that hard drive for a new one seems to be doing my system wonders. Not only is that drive working well now (still did another scan, however it is blasting through my free space already, so it should be done in a couple hours), my whole system, which was feeling real sluggish before, is blazing along quite nicely again. I should be back in business tomorrow, and hopefully my Lightroom catalog and all my RAWs are fully in tact.