Male Birds Like Nice Nests


Very interesting information about the two-way street between male and female birds, attracting each other, and the drivers for male birds to take risks in order to protect their young.

World of Birds

When female blue tits make nests fancy, their mates are more active parents.

One bird species may have advice on how to get its dads to take a more active role in parenting: mothers should build a snazzy crib.

Female blue tits that construct bigger nests and decorate them with fragrant plants have male partners that are more willing to invest in raising chicks, Spanish researchers report in the journal Behavioral Ecology.

A big, well-decorated home may send a signal to males about the health of their partners, said Gustavo Tomás of the Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas in Madrid, and co-author on the study.

Females in many animal species are often believed to be the picky sex when it comes to choosing a mate. That’s because females usually devote more time and energy than males to raising their offspring.

A female blue tit – which is about the size…

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