Invasion of the Juncos!

| 14 images

As I wrote in my last gallery, I received the ebook “Guide to Songbird Setup Photography” by Alan Murphy. I set up a bunch of perches in my back yard, filled a bunch of feeders with seed, and sat and waited with the 500mm lens in a cheap little camo pullover suit (I probably looked like a bush). Within minutes, I was overrun with Juncos! I’d seen a number of them cleaning up the seeds that fell out of my hanging feeders before, but never in these numbers, there must have been 25 to 30 of them. I’d only noticed one variety before, however I believe at least one of each morph of Dark-eyed Junco ended up in my yard the last few days.  I identified at least the following:

  • Oregon Morph (Male and Female)
  • Pink Sided (Juvenile, and male?)
  • White Winged (male)
  • Slate Colored (female)

There are also Gray-headed and Red-backed morphs, although I am not sure I saw any of them. I am not sure they are regular winter residents of Colorado, and as far as the Red-backed go, I think they only visit the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico. Anyway, PLENTY of photos of these guys. Enjoy!