Backyard Birding – A new quest


Today, I decided to start a new quest in my journey to learn how to photograph birds. Through all of my visits to the nearby state parks, I’ve seen fewer songbirds than I had hoped. I’ve noticed more recently that there is quite a variety of birds that fly around and through my yard. They don’t stick around long enough to get any decent shots, and when they to land, they are usually too far away to capture any detail, so I decided to set up a few bird feeders with a mix of wild birdseed. I hope to attract a wide variety of birds over the coming weeks and months, and intend to use the opportunities to improve my skill…and expand the portfolio of birds I’ve observed.

To start things off, I’m featuring the first shot in my Backyard Birding endeavors: A male House Finch, resting on the branch of a fir in my yard. This shot was actually a little unexpected, as I had my camera out to photograph something else, and the bird landed mere feet away giving me a prime opportunity to photograph it in full detail. This shot was the bird that inspired me to start my backyard birding, and I hope to present many more detailed photographs of my avian visitors throughout the next few months.