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At the beginning of February, I started a new contract working in the Denver Tech Center. It’s a nice area, lot of open lawns and ponds. Right outside the window in front of my desk is a huge lawn and a couple of ponds where a bunch of ducks and geese come to feed and otherwise lounge around. When I first started working in that office, there must have been several dozen geese grazing through the snow. As winter turned into spring, the number of geese fell, until there were a handful of couples left. A week ago, I noticed two families of geese trailing five goslings each through the now very richly green lawn. In the morning and in the afternoon, little yellow balls of fuzz would waddle their way through the grass, around bushes, and tussle with each other. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph these hilarious little creatures, so I brought in my lens the next day.


I haven’t had many opportunities to photograph baby birds. I’ve had a few opportunities to see them, however usually it’s with mommy duck trailing a chain ducklings behind her out of sight. I headed out on a break when the goslings first showed up. They crossed the street with parents in two, at the crosswalk no less (!!), then headed down the sidewalk. I decided to hide behind the edge of a bus stop hut and take some photos, and the whole troop of goslings ended up waddling right on past me. One adventurous little fella decided to investigate the bus hut and waddled right in front of my feet. To my surprise, the adults didn’t seem to mind my proximity at all, and I was able to follow the group for another 15 minutes or so.

Stretch one...

Stretch the other

As young as they were, these goslings had a lot of personality, and they already had all their parents behaviors down pat. Eat, lay down, eat some more while laying down, preen, eat some more, take a nap, eat some more. The adults…well, they looked just like human parents…exhausted. 😉