More Midwinter Birds

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I’ve slowly been accumulating bird photos from my backyard setup for the last few months. I don’t get a lot of variety, mainly just these three species: Finch, Junco, and Chickadee. I am periodically visited by Bushtit, Northern Flicker, and Downy Woodpeckers as well, but I am often not in a position to photograph them when they arrive.

Some of these photos are natural perch, some are setups. All of them were taken on fairly heavy wintry days, when the birds come out in force to feed, keeping their energy levels up so they have energy to burn for warmth. The overcast skies resulted in all of these images being shot at very high ISO (3200-12800.)

More Midwinter Birds-Tall-1

More Midwinter Birds-Tall-2

More Midwinter Birds-Tall-3

More Midwinter Birds-Tall-4