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  1. Samir


    Amazing astrophotos, this gives a wealth of information on your journey from start till now and it will help newbies like us to get a sense of what to expect, I got in this game last year after a visit to a dark site here in NJ, I sought about to get a scope and eventually bought a dobsonian (10″) got to know the sky little bit and also got some ok pictures of planets. However that wish of taking some of these kinds of pictures is always there, so now I am embarking on getting a gear to do some basic astro photography. I am planning to go to NEAF this year and check out some mounts and potential scopes and I hope you wouldnt mind if I send you a question or two. Looking forward to more amazing stuff from you in the future and wish you all the success in future.


    • Jon Rista

      Hi Samir,

      Glad you’ve found my posts useful. 🙂 I have a bunch of articles I am working on covering this subject in much more detail, so stay tuned. Also, feel free to fire questions my way if you have any, I’d be glad to help.

  2. Edward Boe

    Aside from the images themselves, which are all gorgeous, I really love the wealth of knowledge contained in this brief description of your Astrophotography journey. I have only just begun to hunt for the proper equipment to get me on my way to starting, and I look forward to being able to look back with some success under my belt. Beautiful work, happy new year!

    • Jon Rista

      Hi Edward. Thanks for the comment! I’m glad to hear your getting into astrophotography. It’s a great hobby, if you like technical hobbies. I really enjoy it, and exploring the universe this way is also amazing. It’s one thing to see these kinds of images created by others…another thing entirely to create them yourself. You learn so much more about what’s up there, the stars that are there, the color and form of everything. You get to the point where you can look up at the night sky, and “see” things that you cannot really see…nebula and dust lanes and all that, you know exactly where they are, what color they are, where they are in relation to other things. Gives you a whole new perspective on the night sky. 😉 Let me know if you need any insights. Clear skies!

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