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Bird, wildlife, and landscape photography by Jon Rista


  1. Judy

    It is an unusual natural color and yet may sunsets have unbelievably purple hues sometimes. Our planet is graced by a divine color palette isn’t it? I took a picture of a sun rise one time and shared it with a friend who advised me the colors were due to pollution in the atmosphere. Hmmm well, maybe, but it was due to natural particles in the air….or desert sand from Africa? No matter the earth is full of natural glory.

    • Jon Rista

      I honestly don’t know why, but it was a pretty amazing sky that day. This whole colorful gradient, from a bright yellow orange at the horizon to the magenta and deep purple hues back where the moon was. I don’t see that kind of thing often, but I’d say it was pretty divine. πŸ™‚

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