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      • Judy

        I would love to see a how to on capturing lighting also. The pictures you’ve posted of electrical storms are really beautiful!! I keep telling myself I’ll go out and try and do it!! Congrats on your new camera. I have the original 5D but its sick at the moment and I tend to use the 7D for the birds due to the telephoto boost of the small sensor. But the 5D always produced such lovely files all the way down the smooth pixels and is my favourite for landscapes and portraits. I’ve debated saving for the Mark III or giving the 6D a try and saving for a shorter period of time!! You won’t be disappointed I know!

        • Jon Rista

          Thanks, Judy. I’ll write a KC article very soon here, covering my technique, and some of the other options out there. It’s actually not that difficult, not from a camera technique standpoint anyway. The most difficult part is getting to the storms, and getting a good vantage point. Most of the storms I’ve photographed recently were very “wet” storms…lots of rain, lots of rain drops on my lenses. If you can find dry storms, especially where the clouds are a bit higher, the lightning tends to be more spectacular. Open vistas, without any extraneous lights, and good foreground subjects (i.e. like lone trees or rock formations) are good bonuses.

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