Nature Photography

Bird, wildlife, and landscape photography by Jon Rista
Orion Nebula and Running Man


  1. Judy

    Wow! Thise are amazing! You have captured lovely detail with the work. It looks creamy like milk dropped into coffee and like a flower at the same time. Very pretty to look at. I also enjoy the scientific information about the temperatures and difficulties of securing an accurate representation of the features.

    • Jon Rista

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Judy! 🙂 I totally agree, too! It does look like milk dropped into coffee.

      If you like a challenge, astrophotography is probably about as challenging as photography gets. I personally quite enjoy the challenge, although I can see that it’ll be an expensive hobby in the long run as I chase better equipment to reduce my error and allow me the opportunity to expose for longer at longer focal lengths.

      I think the technical aspects of astrophotography have largely limited it to men…there aren’t many women who seem to get into it much. I did encounter one fairly talented astrophotographer, AstroTanja (, a woman from South Africa who is probably one of the top female astrophotographers in the world now. It’s fun, if you like tinkering and are willing to invest the time for each image (you probably invest 10x to 100x as much time per image as you do with normal photography.)

      • Judy

        I will very much enjoy the efforts that you put into this. Images of space have always been fascinating to see and I really appreciate the time and technology it does take to bring them to us!! What you are doing is a treat for your readers and viewers!!

        • Jon Rista

          Thanks! 🙂 There are so many more objects in the sky to image, too. And so many different ways to image them. I hope to be bringing these kinds of images to you guys for years. 😀

          • Judy

            I’d follow you just for saying that if I weren’t already!! Keep bringing them on!! I still do like your macros too…the insects and the pretty lighting on the forest fungi!! I know you’ll give us planet earth and the stars too!!

          • Jon Rista

            Thanks again, Judy. 🙂 I have to go back to my December and January nature photos. I think I have a bunch I haven’t shared yet that I need to. Once it’s warm enough, I really want to get back out into the mountains to get some more nature shots….I do love the fungi and moss macros. 😉

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