Christmas Collaboration

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I headed out to Cherry Creek yesterday, and brought my younger brother along. He had been out of the state for a couple years, and is currently staying with me, so I thought it would be nice to spend some time in nature together. Turned out to be a fantastic day! Managed to make some of my best photographs so far, including one collaboration that captured the kinds of fleeting moments of perfection that I usually miss when I am alone.

While cruising through the park, my brother Greg hollered: “Fox!” I slowed down and pulled over and looked to where he was pointing, and a large canine poked it’s head over a rise. Turned out to be a coyote, rather than a fox. I asked for the camera…then had a second thought: “This is the moment I ALWAYS MISS because it takes me too much time to get out of the car, get positioned, stabilize the lens, and get the shot.” So, I asked my brother to point the huge 600mm lens out the window, explained how to focus, adjust shutter speed and aperture, and how to take the shot.

The moment that “perfect scene” occurred, I hollered “Now!”…and my brother executed exquisitely. Not once, but twice, he caught the perfect pose for this beautiful canine creature. I would have to say, these are some of the best coyote photos I’ve seen in a while…the light was perfect, the perspective was ideal, the coyote’s poses were sublime. And they lasted a mere matter of seconds before the moment was gone.

Maybe I should haul my brother out on all my outings…give him the wheel sometimes, and give him the camera others. 😉