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    • Jon Rista

      My camera is the 7D. Sensor-wise, it really isn’t all that great. (Actually, its sensor is one of the worst on the market, and no better than a lowly 600D.) The big thing is focal length and aperture. You could slap a 600D on a half-way decent telescope, and get something just as good. Most of this stuff is post-processing anyway…lot of careful alignment, median stacking, and additive blending to bring out the detail. And this is FAR from a great shot, at that! 😛 I just can’t wait to get my hands on a real telescope with a BIG aperture (like an 11″ SCT, or a 280mm aperture.)

      If you have any DSLR camera, try picking up a basic entry-level telescope (most of which can be had for $200 or less) that supports a camera T-adapter and T-ring, and see what you can do.

    • Jon Rista

      I agree! Can’t wait to get this telescope figured out, and maybe start getting some more detailed shots of nebula. The Horse Head and Flame Nebulas, also in Orion, are next on my list, but I can’t even see them without a properly aligned tracking mount.

    • Jon Rista

      Thanks! It is indeed rather time consuming. Part of that is due to the lack of a tracking mount…the objects move across the frame and require painstaking manual alignment. I am hoping once I get a tracking mount, the workload will be reduced considerably (and that the results will be far better! ;))

  1. Jon Rista

    Yikes! I just saw these photos on a…lesser quality screen than I normally do my work on. I now see that there is a lot of posterization, black clipping, and compression artifacts. Apologies for the bad quality….I’ll try to get that fixed right away.

  2. Jon Rista

    Updated this blog with a second copy of the image, only this time edited with a more neutral color balance and a bit more detail (at the cost of slightly more noise.)

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