Coyotes vs. the Groundlings

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A couple months back, during the last days before colder weather started to really settle in, I was out photographing prairie dogs at Cherry Creek. A few rabbits were hopping around the area as well, some seemed to have usurped a few old prairie dog holes as their own homes. While I was watching these cute little critters feed on the yummy green grass, and make these odd little hunch-backed poses, a couple of hungry coyotes came into view. Over the next thirty minutes, the previously quiet little place out in the back areas of Cherry Creek’s open land became a noisy chatterbox of prairie dogs firing off alarm calls, back and forth chatter, and poor coyotes trying again and again to capture a meal. When the little canines finally left, the prairie dogs eventually crawled back out of their secure little holes in the ground, and collectively gave a little cheer while lifting their front paws into the air. One win for the prairie dogs…will the next one go to the coyotes?