Deer at Cottonwood Creek

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Hello readers. For those of you still with me (I know, haven’t been very active lately), I went back through all my photos from the last six months, and found a number that I had not yet shared through my blog. I’m not sure how I missed some of these, but here is the first batch, for your viewing pleasure.

This series was taken back during summer. The light at that time of year is often very good, and during these couple of weeks, it was particularly good…soft and creamy white. A group of does came out to drink at the Cottonwood Creek wetlands and pond. They were all healthy, beautiful deer, of what appeared to be a considerable range of age…some were very young and skittish, probably yearlings, while others seemed to be quite a number of years old. I posted some photos of one of the younger cuties months ago. The more elder deer were not as shy about getting right out in front of me to take a drink, and in a few occasions splashed about and had some fun.

The deer in Cherry Creek this year have had a great go, with plenty of food and water, as it was far greener and wetter this year than it was last year. They seem to be thriving, with lots of young yearlings showing up everywhere. I am quite anxious to get back out there and find the deer during the rut. Maybe this year I’ll capture a couple males sparring…that would be a sight.