Still Here, and coming store site…

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Hello readers. Sorry for the long absence. I am going through a lot of significant changes in my life, and my focus has been elsewhere lately. I am still doing photography, hopefully more so now and in the future than I’ve been able to. I hope to post some more works soon, so stay tuned.

On another note. I am currently working on a web site for my nature photography, specifically a storefront. I see my blog as a fluid place to freely post my work or anything related to it without the need to really filter or restrict content that much. For my new storefront web site, I will be offering some top selected works for sale on gallery wrapped canvas. Over the long term, I hope to expand my offerings to a broad range of print sizes and mediums, as well as more specialty items such as photo card boxes, custom hand made coffee table books, etc.

Even longer term, I plan to make additional photography related services, along side the sales of my work, a new business. Included in those services would be negative film scanning to produce digitized images, scanned photo repair work (i.e. to remove dust and scratches, repair damaged areas from a degraded negative, etc.) Service fees and the like still need to be worked out, however I hope to offer the service within the next six months.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope to be back with more photography soon (I have a bunch of photos from the last month or two that I have yet to upload.) Thanks for continuing to watch my blog! Sorry for the lack of activity, and hopefully it won’t stay that way for much longer! 🙂 (In the mean time, here are some really old night sky photos that I’ve reprocessed.)