Beautiful Does

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As late afternoon wore on this past Saturday, a group of truly beautiful does wandered into the open fields of grass adjacent to the Cottonwood Creek area at Cherry Creek. I was in the progress of tracking down another elusive subject (more in my next blog) at the time, and was hunkered down in my camo t-shirt, with my camo-covered camera equipment. At first, these beautiful deer did not notice I was there at all, and wandered almost too close for comfort. Finally, the pair pictured here noticed something was a little amiss, and started prancing around, huffing and puffing, and giving me a variety of odd, curious little looks. At one point, one of the two who were making a ruckus almost spit on me (!!), then proceeded to drool all over the place for a while before finally prancing a short distance away to get a drink at the Cottonwood Creek pond.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of deer sticking their tongues out. Every time they do, its just hilarious. 😀