Prancer the Yearling Buck

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While photographing deer the other day, I came across a small group of older bucks, and one young yearling. It seems that, in general, one older buck takes a yearling “under his wing” for the first year, as I noticed almost half a dozen bucks older than a couple years, and most of them had one yearling with them. Well, this particular yearling was always excited, prancing about, showing curiosity for everything…including the oddly shaped “bush” in front of him that kept making clicking sounds. He would *act* like he just noticed me, get very curious, and start inching closer. Within about 10 feet, he would rear and shake his head, then prance off around a thicket or tree for a while, before coming back and investigating the odd bush a little more. Cute little fella…he’ll probably be top dog someday, with all the pretty little does he could possibly want. 😉

Prancer the Yearling Buck Tall