Bucks Among the Greens

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While out and about in Cherry Creek, I noticed a soft brown branch sticking out just ever so slightly above the tall grass. Most people wouldn’t recognize it for anything more than a branch, but the sight of new velvet on a big buck’s antlers was unmistakable. I pulled over and slid through the grass to find a number of fairly large bucks grazing on grass that came over the tops of their legs. One was a yearling, an intriguing, and intrigued, little fella who was having a blast of a time. The other two were older…one maybe a couple years old, and one that looked like an elder, with a beautiful pair of antlers. The two older bucks are pictured in the gallery here. Two absolute beauties, docile and curious. I particularly like the first shot in this sequence, just cracks me up the way deer do that. 🙂