More Pelicans!

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So, going through all the pelican photos I’ve made over the last couple of weeks, I picked out the few I thought were best, or most interesting. I’ve named each of these. Second one is one of my favorite…I call it “Hover Bub” (for some reason, whenever I see a big fat Pelican, I think “Wow, big bub!” Not sure why…bub seems to go along with their pudgy look I guess. Anyway…), as he really looks like he’s just floating over the water, and in reality he just sort of cruised for a little way about six inches over the water before he finally plopped down.

The last one was an interesting shot. As I was taking a sequence of that Pelican flying, he flew right across the sun…and for a moment, it looked like he was flying INTO the sun. Suffice to say…momentary blindness! If you photograph birds in flight, best keep an eye on where the sun is…it doesn’t take much, or very long, to at least temporarily blind yourself, especially with a telephoto lens. Luckily the bird kept on flying, and the sun was only in the frame for a moment. Still…gotta keep an eye out for that giant white ball of fire…