Coyotes at Cherry Creek

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Well, for the first time, I saw a good dozen coyotes at once at Cherry Creek. Beautiful creatures, Coyotes! I knew they were out there, but I never knew there were so many. Today, they were just lunging in the afternoon sun, which for this time of year was surprisingly warm (relatively speaking). Ironically, I have the Canon EF 500mm f/4 L IS II lens coming on rental in a couple of days. It is not all that often that you see so many coyotes at once, and I doubt they’ll be out in such force when the rental lens arrives. Anyway, these photos are not the greatest, these puppies love to creep about in the tall grass and dried flora stalks, so it makes them difficult to get a direct line of sight on. My first real good, close up photos of coyotes, though…so I thought I’d post them anyway.